STIN - Styrian Dry Gin

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Two Distiller and one bartender

Johannes Firmenreich and Reinhard Jagerhofer are the manufacturer behind STIN. One Styrian from the south and one from the east, both with a fable for a common cause, the perfect distillate. Their fathers already practiced the culture of burning liquor on their agricultural farms. As brand ambassador functions the World Class Bartender, Philipp M. Ernst who is dedicated to bring STIN out into world.

28 botanicals are responsible for the distinctive taste and fresh scent of STIN. The juniper berries,  south styrian apples, east styrian elderly flower and lemon and orange  imprint the unique flavor. Classic components as caraway and cilantro contribute as well to the multi-facetiousness. To achieve this aroma richness, STIN is distilled in a 50 liter copper kettle.

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