Lovely Day - Charcoal Manuka Cleansing Mask

An intense mask working according the "give and take" principle. The CHARCOAL + MANUKA PHA mask works against both shallow and deep seeded impurities, acne scars, first signs of aging and enlarged pores. It provides cellular renewal, smoother, more matte and detoxed skin and an overall calming effect. 

2% PHA fruit acid stimulates cell turnover, loosening deep impurities, while black activated charcoal helps to pull them to the surface. Lovely Day has made this process a little gentler by adding an anti-inflammatory element with Moroccan lava soil, and soothing chamomile hydrosol. Argan oil regenerates skin that has been damaged by acne and Manuka oil, which is 40 times stronger than tea tree oil, fights those impurities! No drying, or uncomfortable tightening feeling during application. 

Suitable for all skin types. 


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