Les Insouciante Atelier - L'Insolente



Amber: woody, flowery and dry smell.

Black Pepper essential oil: energizing the organism, waking up your senses, black pepper essential oil is bringing a fresh, spicy and confident harmony.

Sandalwood: soft and woody scent helping to relax and be in harmony with your surrounding.


Handmade in Berlin. 
100% natural soy & coconut wax with a cotton wick for a clean burning.
Organic essential oils - High quality fragrances phtalate free.
Animal cruelty free. 


Burning time approx. 40 hours. Leave for a minimum of 1hour and stay under a 4 hour burn time, to ensure the candle is evenly burning and develop the full potential of the scent.

Trim candle wick before each use to 1cm.

120ml / 250ml

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