Hand Dyed Silk Scarf - No 9

Material: 100% China Silk, hand dyed
Size: 54 x 168cm


Chelsea Wills, a NY based artist just started her collaboration with Ade Velkon Store in Berlin. With her project, Mapping Colors, which is an on-going experiment in place, design and dyeing, she offers us a series of hand dyed silk scarfs, each unique. She started with the series of dye work done at the Guapamacataro Residency in February 2013. She was only using plant material found locally on walks, forages, and drives down the highway. Her interest was the intricacy and ephemerality of how one understands place in everyday passing moments. This investigation opened up questions surrounding what aspects we know of our places and how we relate to them. It calls into questions, the permanent qualities of mapping by return to a changing understanding of what surrounds us.

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