Abalone Shell for smudging


Using a abalone shell in your smudging rituals, you incorporate all four elements on earth, thus you're giving mother earth the focus of your ceremony and manifestations. Abalone shells are natural 

Earth = herbs/sticks

Wind = Smoke

Water = Abalone Shell

Fire = lighting up 


How to use the Abalone shell and how works smudging?

  1. First light your herbs or Palo Santo smudging sticks with matches or a lighter until it inflames or produced enough ember creating smoke. If it caught fire, don't worry, it will go out by itself, or just move it until it does.
  2. You can now either just have it rest in the abalone shell, or clean a room from negative energy by walking counterclockwise in every corner of the room, having a positive intention in your mind to manifest the energy. You can keep the smudge in the shell and walk around. The abalone shell later works as a container to place your smudge, having it cool down and collecting the ash.
  3. Keep the holes in the abalone shells in mind and make sure any ember stays in the shell and doesn't fall through.
  4. Take care touching the shell after placing the hot smudge into it!


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