Wiener Seife - After the owner of a well known soap manufacture passed away, a true customer of his saw a chance to continue his life work and took over the factury in Hintzerstraße 6, the 3rd municipal district in Vienna. Sonja Baldauf and her husband run the business now since 2006 and opened their second shop in the center of Vienna 2017. With original soap varities from the founder Friedrich Weiss and own creations, they carry more than 70 loving products. Wiener Seife stands for sustainable care, for skin, hair and - in the case of the organic salt soap - also the teeth.

" I entered the shop with a preannouncement to meet the owner Sonja Baldauf. She is a busy woman and was sitting in a meeting with other clients when I arrived, but I have to admit, I didn't give her much leeway with my arrival. I basically just said "I swing by now, is that ok?". I wanted the meeting to be easy and not too scheduled so I casually strolled around, smelled at soaps, explored the products and basically experienced my first visit in a soap store. After the clients left we sat together and chatted for about half an hour and I heard all about this amazing story and how she took over the business of Friedrich Weiss after he passed away. Across the street of the store the manufacture is located. Her husband is running the production with some helpers and is probably working in the best smelling work space in Vienna. Everything is made by hand and wrapped carefully in paper to then bring it over into the shop. Big love for this product, Wiener Seife. "