Super Duper Studio - Glassware designed in Berkeley, California by co-founders Christopher Yamane and Matthew Johnson. Our mission: to explore strange new objects, to balance design, engineering, and world-class artisanship. To boldly go where glassblowing has never gone before. It is the middle ground between design and engineering, between science and art. Where invention meets elegance, where glassblowing mixes with experiment, where world-class artisanship fraternizes with everyday life. It is the dimension which we call Super Duper Studio!

“Back in November of last year I was in the California Bay Area for a dear friends Wedding reception. Coincidentally the West Coast Craft fair, a juried exhibition of artist and designer craftspeople set in San Francisco's infamous waterfront Fort Mason Center, was taking place the same weekend. Although a bit exhausted from a night of heavy dancing and celebration the evening before, I was instantly revitalized upon entering the light filled space full of hand made design objects galore. Although I had already made a list of must see makers, with Super Duper Studio definitely being at the top, I was more than delighted when being fortunate enough to meet the men from behind the scenes up close and personal at their elegant and streamlined sellers stand. While the glasses shone out in all their glory that sunny Saturday afternoon, the warmth of heart from both Chris and Matt made an equally impressive impression on me. When I told them our plan to sell Austrian wine in our Berlin shop, the idea to alongside sell California designed wine glasses was wonderfully novel to all of us and seemed like a match made in heaven. Seeing in person that their glasses, with the unique spill free, stem free designs, are utterly charming and of the highest quality lead free crystal, sealed the deal for me and we couldn't be more thrilled to be the first Berlin shop to offer this little gems for sale.”