Josephine Förster - in the need for her own face care, Josephine started making cosmetics already when she was a teenager. The products on the market didn't meet her standards and they effectively didn't help with her skin. She started the brand Lovely Day in 2016 and just a year later the online shop with multiple niche products. Her mission: Natural, Fresh & always Vegan!

" Besides sharing the fact of founding a business in Berlin, developing products, running an online and physical shop, Josephine not just impressed us with her work and sucess, she also sold us with this extra personality. A while ago, when we did an event at our store, we met Josephine. After talking and getting to know her, we felt even more connected to this idea selling some of her products. We believe in this dogmatic approach using 100% natural raw ingredients and dedicating your business to a more sustainable, thoughtful strategy. Not harming others, especially yourself, using high quality skin care. We are big fans of Lovely Day, and of Josephine. " ✌🏼