Jesper Jensen make glassware out of discarded wine bottles. Their aim is straight forward a beautiful one, making sustainable drinking glasses, without burdening the environment. Each glass is handmade with care, in their studio in Berlin.

Every morning includes a bike ride around their neighborhood to collect empty wine bottles. Bottles get washes, cleaned, cut, shaped and fire polished into drinking glasses, jugs, and vases in all shapes and sizes. The final step of the production stress relieves the glass and makes them dishwasher safe so you can enjoy using the glasses for years to come, the whole process takes about 24 hours.

"If something is good you will find out in Berlin. Molly, living close to the district Wedding and being involved in an event space there over a couple of year, made friends with multiple artists and interesting Berliners making unique things. Jesper Jensen is one of them. Their Wedding located studio is the home base for all their beautiful work they do.

Up-cycling can be sometimes difficult in the sense of quality and look. And many times it drifts off into a very, well lets say, DIY aesthetic. Jesper Jensens designs proof this different. We see a product that was shaped out of a common object and turned into a unique and premium design. Pouring water from these jugs is pure happiness."