Hillery Sproatt is driven by her desire to make fine art functional and started to translates her paintings into artful textiles. She has a background in fine arts, coupled with the early influence of her mother, a fiber artist and clothing designer. Debora Weiss, was the one who fueled her love for pattern and textiles. Her inspiration comes from Japan, Scandinavia and the Eastern European design. Hillery's organic shapes, the whimsical landscapes, and the childlike creatures instantly draw a connection between home and nature. Those textiles are designed to inspire sweet dreams and her intuitive painting process lends itself to the discovery of beautiful patches of densely knit pattern and abstract marks. If a child ever owns a blanket of hers, it will never forget these pattern, figures and abstract forms.

Hillery Sproat, orginally from California, produces all her artful textiles proudly made in the USA. They are thoughtfully made with sourced sustainable materials and production methods. Always in mind are the everyday needs, cause those blankets can be machine washed and dried. Every blanket is made from from 80% recycled cotton and the remaining 20% out of Poly, making them the perfect weight for year-round use. Discarded scraps and pre-cponsumer fibers are the source to create the blankets. Recycled cotton that has been left after a sewing process gets broken down and spun into yarns again. It is a less energy process to make and conserves natural resources; just little things that can make a big difference.