Its not an easy thing to find an individual perfume or a signature scent. FRAU TONIS PARFUM specialized exactly on that and offers a range of high quality and exclusive handmade perfumes made in Berlin and Grasse. Either way, if youre looking for a fresh and citric perfume, like No. 02 Berlin Summer or just looking for a new scent, FRAU TONIS has the right perfume.

We carry an interesting range of perfume and eau de perfume, unisex scents for men and women equally. With the right perfume you make a statement, accentuate your character and embark on a wonderful and fascinating scent journey.

Vegan scents from Berlin

Frau Tonis produces her scents in Berlin and the capital of perfume, in Grasse. They take care on cruelty-free production and use as many as possible natural ingredients.

All perfumes are made for both sex and speak a genderfree language. Oud Weiss for example convinces with bergamot ,sandalwood, cedar, exudes notes of tobacco and incense, and finally gently embraced with amber. It is a pure, tender and exciting scnet and its VEGAN.

Frau Tonis was founded in 2009 dedicated to the founders grandmother Toni-Luise, who enriched her life with a passion for handmade products, made to measure dresses and exotic perfumes. What a nice story and now the name Frau Tonis makes completely sense.