Vineyard Neumeister - Hand-picked selection

It is a constant and painstaking process checking the ripeness of the fruit before and during the harvest, especially on these small structured and scattered vineyards around Straden in Styria.

The approach is an egalitarian and due all varieties and qualities involve selective hand-picking inot small boxes of maximum 20kg and an additional secondary sorting on the shaker table at the winery. Its a symbolic last step and at the same time literally complets a whole series of manual operating steps of a growing season. Its the first time the wine makers can finally take a deep breath of relieve.


Straden located in Styria’s volcano country, is in the southeast of Austria. It is influenced by an Illyric-Pannonian mixed climate that offers warm days and cool nights. Those Mediterranean and Alpine impacts provide sufficient rainfall at an average of 900 mm per year, which affords a long growing season and late harvest in fall. In this quite challenging climatic environment, Neumeister cultivates 30 hectares. All is distributed over numerous small, even tiny patches stretching over steep slopes and originating from formerly mixed-planted private vineyards.

Tuscany of Austria – the south of Styria is one of the largest wine regions, next to the west Styria and the so called Vulkanland. With a wine area of 2.200 ha it is the biggest cohesive wine growing area in the Styria. Sauvignon Blanc, Welschriesling, Pino Bianco, Chardonnay/Morillon, Muscat or Zweigelt are being cultivated. During autumn the famous “Wine Street” calls for wine farm hopping and outside dwelling with some freshly made wine that just started to ferment, called “Sturm” or “Federweißer”. Over 950 wine farmers cultivate the hilly wine growing area in the south of Styria, a stone's throw from Slovenia and a gorgeous view.

This is totally my fathers fault. He enjoyed a glass of red wine and occasionally a cigar, mostly in summer outside on the terrace. For me, looking back, this was the embodiment of drinking wine. This distinctive smell and taste of the wooden barrel aged red wine, with this dark rich color reminds me of those warm summer days on the country side. The sky was so dark black that you could see endless stars. My grandmother always bought from the same vineries in the south of Styria and served us very nice white wine for Easter and Christmas. I guess growing up there is really a privilege and now I would love to share this and find out even more about the wine regions in Austria.

The vineyard Neumeister is my newest achievement in spotting wines in Styria. We paid the brothers Christoph and Matthias a visit over easter time this year. Besides their location, the builidng itself is stunning and architectually quite impressive. There went a lot of thoughts and love into the detials, light and feeling for spaces. When we arrived in the cellar, where the barrels are stored and do their magic over several month, I was surprised to find a graphity piece down there. What? It suits the space so well that it is almost like entering a gallery. "Knarf", a viennese graphity and street artist perpetuated his art on Neumeisters cellar walls. Great eyecatcher and a great underline for their concept of mixing tradition and modernity. Truly wine makers with a heart for the art."