Ade Velkon

The Berlin-based label ADE VELKON is known for its contemporary womenswear, which convinces through simplicity, androgynous design vocabulary, and clear cuts. ADE VELKON stands for quality and urban, timeless design. Conceptually, the designers succeed in linking abstracted sportiness with sophisticated and straightforward elegance. The striking style features of the label not only refer to the unisex minimalism of the 90s, but also to the areas of men‘s tailoring and sports. Founded in 2013 by Kathrin Kaiser and Molly McDonnell in Berlin, design, patterns and production are implemented locally in the German capital. ADE VELKON’s design and aesthetic language are influenced not only by the cultural roots of both de signers (California and Styria), but also by their background in fashion design and art. The makers entitle their creations „The New Elegance“ – a sophisticated and noble design for active and modern women. Flowing cuts meet special fabrics, whose patterns and details are reserved, but yet consciously chosen. Every single piece is carefully drafted, not trend-controlled, and created with the intention of becoming a favorite.