Our gift boxes are little creations our of our selection of goods we carry, combined with special editions. We offer various collections, from fine food, skin care, cleansing sets over a snug gift box with a cosy blanket and a handmade candle from Berlin. 

Browse through and get inspired. Our gift boxes always include products from Austria, California or Berlin and are all handmade from our supported makers. 


Besides their fashion label Ade Velkon, the two designers wanted to offer their customers a deeper lifestyle experience. Both share the fact that they live quite far from their family. Kathrin moved 2010 from Vienna to Berlin and Mollys journey in Berlin started already in 2008 when she left Oakland and San Francisco to live in the german capital.

Over the years both have been working together establishing Ade Velkon as an international women's brand and created collections inspired by their heritage. More and more the idea grew to exclusively sell Austrian and Californian/American goods. The focus here was to create a collective lifestyle that is a mix of both countries. Sharing traditions, mentalities and the interest in well hand made products from Austria, California and their home town Berlin.

At the Ade Velkon Store you'll find products which suit the soul and encourages your daily or rare rituals with products like fragrances from LA, Wine from Austria, organic soap from Vienna or artfully designed blankets made out of sustainable materials. Its a store with hand selected items and a heart for unique products.

At Ade Velkon is less more.